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RE: Re[2]: [Fwd: Re: ebay]

I'm sure this thread has recieved the required pointless beating and can 
go away.  

Back to the looping. 

Question 1:  It's my understanding that the EDP can have up to nine 
loops.  The time of the loops can't exceed the total time that is installed
as memory (50 seconds out of the box).  Once you've set the number of loops
that you want with their associated times, you can layer ontop of each one.
These loops can then be played all together or in any combination.  So you
could have a verse section that included loops with voice and rythym tracks
as well as chorus tracks with the same.  This could be alternated to suit
ones needs in the context of a given song.  Not to mention layering lead
tracks, noises, etc. on top of any of these tracks.  Is this correct.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan El-Bizri [mailto:jbiz@linkexchange.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 6:58 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: RE: Re[2]: [Fwd: Re: ebay]
> >I think that YOU missed THEIR point. Obviously because you 
> found a guitar
> >that you love on e-bay you are a fool who should have waited 
> until one
> >appeared on harmony-central, or apparently, recycler.com.
> >
> >I've heard that Peavey gear sucks unless you get it from one of those
> >auction sites.   =;^P
> >
> Exactly! You got your guitar, yah de yah, wohoo!, it arrived! 
> and all that.
> But >now< you've got it. What are you going to do >now?< 
> There's only one
> thing to do - it's time for the next one! OR the next one! OR 
> the next one!!
> Better yet! Sell the guitar for a $5 profit! Damn, I'll do 
> anything to keep
> me from actually having to write any music...
> >
> > Here's a hint... You haven't lived until you dump this
> > cumbersome online
> > techno-crapola and gotten into your car and driven to the
> > stores where you can
> > get the REAL story on the gear you're looking for! All the
> > secret shortcuts and
> > hints the PROS use... Out there in the real world where men
> > are men... etc. The
> > guys at the stores are EXPERTS at what they're selling and
> > could save you a lot
> > of grief after some impulse buy at an online site! Join the
> > real world you
> > geeks! 8->
> >
> Where is this magical place where the salespeople actually 
> know more than
> their customers about their products?
> bIz