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Netbizz Products LLC  has done it again!
Lotus SmartSuite (Millenium Edition) is now available for a limited time 
for only $79.00!  This same software is being sold at computer stores and 
office stores for over $500.00.  You'll save hundreds of dollars!

Lotus SmartSuite contains:
Lotus SmartCenter, the information manager that gives you easy access to 
all your work
Lotus FastSite, a document publishing tool for the Web
Lotus 1-2-3, one of the most popular spreadsheets ever! It revolutionized 
the world
Lotus Word Pro, the best word processor for today's connected world
Lotus Approach, a high-powered database the whole team can use
Lotus Freelance Graphics, an excellent presentation graphics package
Lotus Organizer, time management for people who are going places 
Lotus ScreenCam ,the show-and-tell communication tool for your personal 

Lotus SmartSuite contains everything you could ever want in an office 
program: Word processing, spreadsheets, lists, presentations, fonts, 
sounds, templates, email, scheduling, anything that you could want to do 
is obtainable SmartSuite - Millenium Edition.  Right Now..Only $79.00.
Also check out our other current great buys!
For more information, go to:
 **If you cannot access this site, please call (313) 438-6265.

This message complies with the proposed United States 
Federal requirements for commercial e-mail bill, Section 301.
Per Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C)of S.1618, further
transmissions to you be the sender of this e-mail may be
stopped at NO COST to you. To be removed, simply call 1-800-600-0343  ext. 
and leave your e-mail address. Thank you.