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RE: Alesis M-1 Monitors

Dear Jeff,

Have you considered other brands such as
"KRK Monitors" ?
As most excellent speakers are from California,
KRK is based in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Check out their website:


I've just recently purchased KRK Rockit monitors
which have this new "inverted cone" speaker design and
although only left and right, it sounds and feels like
if there is a subwoofer beneath the consol.
They are "shielded" unlike some of the Alesis speakers
and the cabinets are much more durable and solid.
A pair of KRK Rockit costs $289.00 at Guitar Center.
KRK makes affordable "powered" monitors too.

I own a pair of Alesis Monitor II and they are fine but
you should really check out KRK before making your
final decision.


-----Original Message-----
From:   Jeff & Vonda McLeod [SMTP:subversive@mindspring.com]
Sent:   Tuesday, March 16, 1999 8:36 PM
To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject:        Alesis M-1 Monitors

Hi, all...
        I'm in the process of setting up a recording workstation (away 
from my
stereo & rehearsal room, for once...). I'm looking for the best price on
the new Alesis M-1 powered monitors. If anyone can recommend a dealer with
a price better than Musician's Friend, Music Emporium and Mars Music (all
of whom have them for $499 for the pair), please drop me a line. I would
appreciate any input you all could offer as to what you've seen.
Jeff McLeod
This is not here--
And now is almost over...