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Minidisc for looping

attn: ManX72@aol.com:
Since late October, '98, I've been on  a solo tour involving an 8string
Mark Warr guitar and a Fender Roland-Ready Strat doing lectures,
workshops, and  performances in which I've built quite a sizeable
library of samples that filter through a SoundScape Switchblade GT,  and
then run through Roland GR30; VG8; GT10, and other processors directly
into a JamMan to amuse, abuse, etc. college students.

The samples I construct  are originally built in my studio and
transferred to DAT SBM Mapping  and then optical corded to MiniDisc. I
travel with a MDWalkman and an AB switch that allows me to use a Yamaha
QY70 sequencer in addition to the MiniDisc player.

The samples are crystalline clear via DAT and optics and the size of the
MiniDisc player and sequencer saves big bucks on flights!!!  My
equipment costs more to fly than me.

In accordance; my next show is at the Rhode Island School of  Design on
6. April, 1999 at 7.30pm at the RISD Auditorium.

Hope I answered questions and will be glad to offer tech info if anyone
needs help.

Cheers, Patrick Blackburn.