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Re: MIDI and microtonality/VG8, Metheny

of course - check out vg8.com, or conference-call Vernon Reid & Pat
Metheny.... get some tips outta them

BTW - the VG8 may have won it's first grammy - Pat Metheny has won - Best
Rock Instrumental for "roots of coincidence" - before you flame - listen to
this incredible track - it's like Pat sitting in with Crimson!!! check out
a couple remixes at http://www.patmethenygroup.com - the track is heavily

andre east

Homepage http://www.monmouth.com/~andre
Info on my bands JFK's LSD UFO and HIDDEN AGENDA

official PROJECT/OBJECT site  http://projectobject.com
[frank  zappa tribute band i play guitar in]

> From: Kriist@aol.com
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: MIDI and microtonality
> Date: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 11:07 PM
> any loopers out there using midi guitar rigs to get into microtonality
> i was in a guitar store the other day and started fiddling with the vg8
> i could care less about all the amp/guitar/speaker simulations
> i like all of the modeling stuff its capable of doing
> in a matter of minutes i was getting sounds that were out of hand
> and thats not even understanding the os(which seems to be a pain in the
> my guitar teacher is selling me his gk2a for cheap and im thinking of
> into midi guitar(i play piano/keyboards so i never went for the
> thing before)
> i just want to know if its possible to get into the tuning tables of the
> guitar/midi gear like in keyboard gear
> anybody doing that kind of thing?
> thoughts? suggestions?
> and for that matter i was looking at the lucytuned guitar page a while
ago and
> although i wasnt too drawn to their 'true tuning' microtonality
> i was drawn to the idea of more than one set of fretted octave division
on the
> same guitar so its capable of playing in 12TET and ???
> does anybody out there do that kind of thing or seen anybody with that
> thanks
> rodrigo