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Re: Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones

I have "Orbitones..." and it's a great cd. It looks like there's more of a
focus on found objects used as instruments. I'm a little turned off by the
appearances of already well known artists. (like Stomp, Tom Waits, and Ahex
Twin.) I like those musicians plenty, but I was eager to learn about more
obscure artists. I'm really impressed by the inclusion of Bradford Reed, 
Whitehead, Colin Offord, ZGA, and honky horn guy Leonard Soloman.
There's some pretty amazing instruments on here too, like a "long-stringed
instrument" with strings up to 100 feet long. There's also some "world 
influence in here. This CD is really worth it if you can find it at your 


Michael Peters wrote:

> 'Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones'
> Lovers of crazy and experimental music, be sure to check out this CD
> sampler by Bart Hopkin, released on ellipsis arts ...
> it contains a book and CD about experimental musical instruments with 19
> example tracks and documentation, text and photos. The selections contain
> obvious candidates such as Harry Partch or Clara Rockmore (Theremin
> virtuoso), but also lots of people I hadn't known. Music from treated
> electronics, unusual synthesizers, car horn organs, glassharps, flowerpot
> marimbas, and lots more. Not only are the instruments beautifully 
> - they are being played masterfully, by truly gifted musicians. I found 
> CD extremely inspiring and I really had an hour of fun listening. It also
> made me feel like more.
> Thank God there is more! Bart Hopkin (editor of the 'experimental musical
> instruments' magazine and website) has done another one. It is called
> 'Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones' and features a wide range of
> musicians from John Cage to Aphex Twin. Looks really promising. I'll save
> it for next weekend.
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