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Re: To VLZ or not to VLZ! (OT)

I had a 1604 VLZ for a while, and it's excellent.  The
routing options are much more flexible than the older
model.  Now that the VLZPro's are out, used VLZ's
should drop in price (I think I sold mine for $700
to get an 01V).


ur eye wrote:
> Sorry, but you guys are my favorite...I have outgrown my 1202 and am
> trying to decide on the 1604 models. Is there a considerable sound
> difference between the 2 and would it matter if a I were NOT doing
> "professional" recording? What about routing options of which I am more
> interested in. I'm assuming the non-VLZ has 4(6) aux sends. Is it worth
> the $. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> Dennis
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