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RE: EH 16 sec delay REISSUE!!! Have Faith!!

  Could you believe I just recieved my Microsynth last week and itīs 
broken???? it NEVER worked,itīs ass is going  back to Sovtek already...


At 10:03 PM 6/04/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>>>Thought this might make some of you drool. Somebody posted a notice on
>>>>the harmony central classifieds stating that they had just learned from
>>>>Sovtek that a reissue of the EH 16 sec delay Holy Grail may be coming 
>>>>about six months.
>>they've been saying that for years now.... Don't hold your breath 
>They just started shipping the Micro Synthesizer reissues and no one 
>they would do that either. They are going for about $320.