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EVENT: Omni-Micro: Bay Area Experimental Electronics in April

Here's an announcement for a four-part weekly series happening in Oakland
this month.  The series is a spinoff of the successful OmniMedia festival,
which you may have read about in last December's "Electronic Musician."
Lest you think this posting is off-topic, you will be interested in these
events because:

you are

A) Interested in Bay Area New Music
B) A Found-Sound Enthusiast
C) Love loop music and tools for looping audio
D) Build your own electronic musical instruments
E) Just dig Analog Synthesizers
F) All of the above

and Omni-Micro features

A) a whole lot of innovative local artists (all four weeks)
B) Appropriation and sound collage (especially Apr 15 and Apr 22)
C) loops loops LOOPS!  (esp the 15th, 22nd, and 29th)
D) homebrew gadgetry (especially Apr 8 and 29th)
E) many many analog synthesizers (esp. the 22nd and the 8th)
F) All of the above!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me directly.

-Chris Stecker
honcho, Ovenguard Music


Artists' Theater Workshop (Oakland), AirSickBags Omnimedia, & Ovenguard
Music Present:
Omnimicro: A Series of Themed Electronic Improvisational Explorations.

Omnimicro is a month-long weekly performance showcase of electronic
musicians, visual artists, and technological dweebing that will vibrate the
walls of the ATW with trickle-down technology.
Every Thursday in April at the Artists' Theater Workshop
1932 Telegraph Avenue, Downtown Oakland, nr. the 19th St. BART
Doors: 7:30/Show: 8:00
$5-$7 Slide

Thursday, April 8: An evening of tricked-out gadgets
Match wits with the notorious VibraTron, Computerized Etch-A-Sketch,
and The NESbyt. Techno-junkyard detritus meets mad-scientist aesthetic.
Featuring:  Rape of Desire, The Univac Index (w/Bulk Foodveyor), Walter 
Dirge Control Apparatus (audio), & Electrolux 28 (visuals).
With installations by Peter H. King & Rich Humphrey

Thursday, April 15: The raVe [rd]Emix!
Main ingredient: rave music (some of your favorite flavors). End product:
Something very different. ABSOLUTELY NO DANCING will be allowed at this 
Featuring: fluorescent grey, Mr. Merides, & Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum (audio), &
David Tristram (visuals)

Thursday, April 22: An evening of sound design, audio environments, 
and drone
Close your eyes and go there.
Featuring: Wobbly, Involution, Brain Science, David Elinoff (audio),
Imaja, & Optikal Nutrasweet(tm) (visuals)

Thursday, April 29: Hot Licks: Guitars out of Joint
Prepared, treated, processed, broken, & repaired. All strings must go...
Featuring: Vance Galloway, Steev Hise, Jet Black Hair People, DJ Pod 
& Optikal Nutrasweet(tm) (visuals

All shows, as well as your life, are subject to unforseen changes.
Please check www.ovenguard.com for current updates,
or email omnimedia@ovenguard.com

About the Artists' Theater Workshop:
Artists' Theater Workshop is a film, video, and performance art venue
dedicated to previewing and promoting the work of Oakland artists, and
to the edification of existing and future film-buffs. Located in the 
Floral Depot at 19th and Telegraph in downtown Oakland, the intimate
screening room provides a vibrant social environment that encourages
meaningful discourse and community involvement. This resourceful new venue
will testify to both the great diversity of creative expression within the
realm of experimental and independent film, video, and performance art and 
the exhilarating cultural mix that makes life in Oakland unique.  ATW's
cutting edge presentations combine the experimental and the familiar, the
global and the local, to create an alternative to the ever encroaching
cineplexes and the pretensions of corporate galleries.  Contact: Erika or
Antonia at Lowrance Productions: 510-653-1602 LowrancePR@aol.com