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Re: Tabla; Was: Wave Drums

sounds like fun - i've been "attaching" piezos to cymbals with plumber's
putty. they also work great on kalimbas, pieces of wood ...

- send the signal into a resonator or short delay with high feedback for
an analog "WAVE DRUM"
- send piezo-cymbal sounds into a pitch shifter
- swallow a piezo with a vey long wire attached (don't laugh, it's been

be careful not to get any between the piezo-element and the drum/cymbal
surface. the key to a non-distorted sound is to have the piezo-element
completely flush with the vibrating surface. the other thing you may
want to consider is a preamp circuit. 

and seriously, this isn't OT - i LOOP this stuff ...

-the man cable-

Jim Coker schrieb:
> I got one at Guitar Shittr a while back, can't remember
> which kind, but they were little metal discs (piezo
> pickups can be a variety of sizes), and the larger
> ones had much better bass response.  You can tape or
> glue it to just about anything, so location is a personal
> preference.  It's definitely *not* a way to get
> an accuate recording of an acoustic instrument, but
> can be lots o fun for playing around.  On a tabla
> or bayan, I'd try taping it near the edge of the head.
> Jim
> Dennis W. Leas wrote:
> >
> > Hi, Jim!  Tell me more about the piezo pick-up.  What 
>kinds/types/brands are
> > recommended?  Where is it placed on the tabla/bayan?  How is it mounted
> > (i.e., what holds it on)?  Etc.!
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Dennis Leas
> > -----------------------------
> > dennis@mdbs.com