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Once again with feeling....
                    For sale by original owner-EH 16 second digital delay.
                     Comes with footswitch (mint outside-battery corroded
                      inside). MSRP w/footswitch circa 1984 was 700$
                      Dealer cost circa 1983-84 was 450$ w/footswitch.

                       Asking 1000$ or best offer, please direct all 
                       and inquiries to:      loopbozo@aol.com

Bryan Helm
      P.S. This delay plays well with other
             looping units and will not eat
             them for lunch, or dinner, unless
             asked very nicely.However there
             are long term side effects from using
             this device that are best described as
             "corrupting & twisted" in the nicest
              musical sort of way.