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WANTED: Online music responses

Hello people --

This isn't entirely loop-related, but I figure it's no less so than
threads about conservative politics or freedom of speech (not that
there's anything wrong with those...)  The more general issue of online
music sales and downloading may be of interest to many of you anyway.

I'd appreciate anyone taking the time to fill out answers to the
following questions and sending them back *to me privately*, not to the
list, please.  None of these questions are meant to guilt-trip anyone,
and I'm not forwarding this info or any responses to anyone else; it's
strictly for my own purposes in planning the release of my own music. 
In other words, honesty (in this case) is more important than political


1) Have you ever downloaded unauthorized MP3 files from the net?

2) Have you ever copied recording onto MP3 and then uploaded the file to
the net?

3) If MP3s of a particular song were available for sale online via a
secured credit card server, would you be likely to purchase them?  What
do you feel would be an appropriate price range for a single song (4-6
minutes)?  For an entire album (40-76 minutes)?   Would you be more
inclined to download individual songs or entire albums?

4) If you had the choice between purchasing officially sanctioned MP3s
from a commercial site or downloading unauthorized files for free, which
would you choose?  Why?

5) If you had the choice between purchasing a CD online or purchasing
the album in MP3 format online, which would you choose?  Why?

6) If you had the option of having MP3s e-mailed to you rather than
downloaded directly from a web site, would you be more or less inclined
to purchase them?  Why?

7) If a web site offered a secure credit card server to process CD
purchase transactions, would you be more inclined to purchase the album
than if it was only available via mail-order?

8) If you do purchase music online (either as CDs or as downloads),
which sites do you frequently visit/purchase from?

Please e-mail responses to: altruist@earthlink.net