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Re: EH16 inflation

Clifford Novey wrote:
> Eric and others-
> There are two shows this week that are worth mentioning- both feature 
> players of an amazing stature.
> Wed night is Scott Henderson, guitar player and front member of Tribal 
> he occasionally uses loops but not too much- he has an extroidinary 
> like Jimi and Vai all rolled into one-
> Second is Mike Miller- extremely amazing guitar player who incorporates 2
> Jam Man units in a most discreet and tasteful way- he is a super player 
> did the tour with the Zappa band filling in FZ's shoes- he has wonderful
> compositions and good dynamics- he also played with Chick Corea who 
>Scott H.
> also played with- Mike Miller was responsible for me becoming 
>intersested in
> looping along with an article featuring David Torn.


Scott Mike 

already 10 years I left GIT and I still have goose bumps when
mentionning their name

They played there once a week and mike was so a nice and funny teacher 

10 years so fast....



Does anybody now if there is some Mike Miller CD
or discography