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RE: er, zorn, bungle, bailey, brotzmann

Miko said: 

Like I said earlier... Bungle's records, while interesting, aren't
quite the experience of them live. And they definitely push the limits
of what transfers from the studio to the stage.

** i pretty much view bungle as a non-improvising "rock" band . . . even
though there are some master improvisors in the band. improv doesn't strike
me as being the "artistic intent" that they're operating out of.

more Miko:

Nels Cline Trio is also quite a ride... It's surprising how much
interplay there is in that ensemble and how well it translates to a
studio document. I'd love to see them live... They do some pretty
radical flash-cut transitions live as well...

Ryan said:

I've been hearing a lot about that lately, I'll have
to check them out soon.  I heard a part of the
Coltrane- Ali tribute, guitar and drum duo thing he
did and liked it quite a bit.  Sounds like it's
definitely something I'd be into from your
description.  Thanks.   

** i don't think that you'll be seeing too much of the nct for a long 
the band (as far as i know, and i don't "speak for nels") is no longer
extant. he has been doing a band called "destroy all nels cline" and 
call "scarnella" (duo with carla from the geraldine fibbers) as well as a
sometimes improvising collective called "stinkbug" (of which i'm a member).
nels has been doing a lot of different stuff, check him out he's really a
great guitarist and uses the eh-16 well in the looping realm (topical!). 
intersteller space thing with gregg bendian is pretty cool. saw 'em do it
live here in l.a., haven't yet heard the cd.

the trio cds are on a couple of different labels. you may be able to get 
at forced exposure.

Even more Miko:

Also... is anybody else thinking that Bill Frissells laid back stuff
just ain't getting there anymore? (Just an opinion... to his credit,
he's still throwing loops out there. 8-b)

** i've heard that bill has been experiencing hearing difficulties (sort of
like charlie haden?), don't know if this is true. so this may have 
to do with his dealing a lot in less extreme stuff of late. probably won't
see that naked city tour . . .  that being said, yeah it's not quite my cup
o' tea now.