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Re: 16 second delay problem

I've owned one since they first came out. I've never had the problem you
describe, but mine did screw up, and as a result, it sat in a box unused
for 5 or six years.

Finally I read that Bob Sellon who then worked at Lexicon would repair
them. I  sent it to him and he repaired it. This was 4 or 5 years ago.
Unfortunately, the last time I checked Bob's web page he had a notice there
saying he wouldn't repair them anymore (he wasn't too crazy about fixing
mine even when he was doing this work).

What might be of some use to you are scans of hand drawn schematics that
Bob made which he had posted on his page. When I looked at them they seemed
pretty hard to read, but maybe someone who knows what they are looking at
could figure them out? Sorry but I don't have the URL for his page handy.

Another thought: Now that EH seems to be a revitalized, active company
again, I wonder if it would be possible to send it to them?

I can't believe they re-released the Frequency Analyser before the 16 sec.
delay! It's cool too, but the demand for the 16 sec. delay has got to be
greater. No?


>Hum/Buzzes are most likely due to a faulty filter
>capacitor in the power supply.  Caps can fail as they
>age.  This noise can be viewed/measured (at the filter
>cap) with an oscilloscope by any competent electonics
>--- jpw77@together.net wrote:
>> I'm looking for help with my EH 16 second delay. The
>> unit hums/buzzes loudly
>> when powered up. All the functions of the unit seem
>> to work (the hum gets
>> effected) but it's unusable. I'm guessing it's
>> something to do with the power
>> supply, but that's just a guess. Any ideas on this
>> or reccomendations for
>> people who service these still? Oh how I miss it...
>> Jon Williams
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