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Re: Effect as crutch

Clifford makes a very valid point. Its easy to take for granted the sound options we have today. I still marvel at Hendrix's recordings. The effects may sound dated today but when I consider the state of the art circa 1966 to 1970, I get blown away by the tones he gets almost as much as his playing. Even more impressive in my opinion is the fact I've yet to hear anyone come close to sounding like Jimi even thought the effects he used are now very common and affordable.
Though it is a cliche, I find validity in the analogy that sonic effects are the equivalent to musicians what extra colors are to a painter. Today, we have colors galore. Placed in certain peoples hands, they can become nothing more than a smeared mess. Placed in the hands of someone with imagination, patience, and vision, you can get a masterpiece.
Bottom line: Its the imagination behind the tools that determines the quality.
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Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 9:50 AM
Subject: Effect as crutch

     This happened a lot in the 60's and 70's- people had concepts for sounds (Miles a great deal I hear) and went looking for them even to the point of having them made from scratch- inspiration- now we find ourselves in a time where anyone from anywhere can go and buy just about every last effect on the planet for chump change- (basically!) so instead of a ring modulator being a rare item as it used to be, now you can have one and 100 other effects for a few hundred dollars- not a bad thing but of course there will be those who just may be using the effect as a "crutch" every so often-