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Re: 16 second delay problem

> All the EH reissues have been pricey, so there's no reason to believe 
>that the 16sec delay wouldn't also be 

I don't know about this. the Microsynth was selling for $500-800 used
right before they brought out the reissue. While it's not 100% the same
it sells for $250+ new now which is very reasonable relatively speaking.
the 16 second delay now goes for over $1k all the time. A $250-300 price
tag would be fine by me if they do it.

> And I'd say that the demand for the EH-16 is very slim ("What, no MIDI?  
>No stereo?  No
> tap-tempo?!"), compared to wacko pedals for vintage-obsessed guitarists.

Well i gree it's not the most in demand piece but along with those
guitarist that want it (and there are quite a few) there are synth
players and other musicians who all have created thje demand enough to
make them sell for so much used now. Reissuing them will certainly turn
a nice profit even at a couple hundred dollar street price IMO. 

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