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Sushi samplers

> >     The MC50 controls my Sp-808, 2 Korg X5DR's, a Korg NS5R, a Korg D8 
> > digital multitrack, a Digitech Studio Vocalist, an Akai S01 Sampler, a 
> > JS30 sampler, a Zoom ST-224 Sampler and my Yamaha ProMix 01 (I love 

> Which French food specifically would you recommend?  pate du fois gras? 
> outre?  fusillier mitraileuse (sp?)  char moyen (?)

Instead of always eating some well known sushi samplers, I would also
recommend to check out my specialite du chef, le looper a la DJRND2

Very delicious indeed !

And you can cook everything in loops, it is immediate and very testy to
play with !

This french recipie can be found at http://web.club-internet.fr/perille