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Re: Unidentified subject!

At 09:44 AM 2/23/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi there those MAC users...
>How do you make backups? which hardware and software for backups do you

I used Retrospect from www.dantz.com.  They have a couple of versions.
The "express" version is less expensive but may not support as many devices
and can't work as a backup server for networked machines.  I bought mine
before they had the "express" version.

Anyway, I really like the simple interface (you can use more complicated
features like selectors and stuff but you don't have to.  Restoring is
easy, too.  I've been able to restore single files (in place or to a
different folder to keep the old and new copies) and when I installed
a larger harddirve I was able to get my whole system off a full back
I made prior to installing the new drive.  Ok, so that's the kind of
stuff you'd expect from any back up program :)

Another nice thing about Retrospect is that they now have the identical
program for Windows which is nice if you have both kinds of computers
and like to have similar software.

>is it possible to use an alesis ADAT with some software to backup 

I don't think so.

>I need to backup about 12 Gigabytes for each of my works..

You should consider investing in a DDS-3 or DDS-4 SCSI tape drive.
The drives are expensive  but you get from 12 - 24 GB per tape and
the tapes (4mm DAT) are not too expensive.

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