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The Boston Loopers' Collective IV - Show - March 6th - Middle East Restaurant

Hello - 

I'd like to connect with any New England area loopers with music for sale.

The Boston Loopers' Collective IV Show will take place March 6th, at the
Middle East Restaurant in Cambridge MA.

Along with the music, I'd like to set-up a concession stand for people to
sell their CD's and tapes, and for mutual mailing list sign-ups.  I'm 
to create a context for area loopers to network and learn about eachother.

It seems there are more around than one might think.

So, if you have something to sell, please send me e-mail:

Performances this time will feature:

   * David Barnes & The Echo Chamber Ensemble
   * Ross Hamlin
   * Doug Martelli
   * DJ C

Visuals provided by the inimitable Dr. T

David Kirkdorffer