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DL4/volume pedal modifications

Have any DL4 users cracked open their Line 6 expression pedal yet to see
what's inside??  I'm wondering if a regular volume pedal (Ernie Ball, 
or even other types of expression pedals (EV5) could be modified to behave
like a Line6 expression pedal when connected to the DL4.  I know that Boss
claims the FV300L (the low impedance version) can act as an expression 
when used with a special cable (stereo cable??), but I'm not sure if this
would be especially effective since I have heard some EV5 users say the EV5
works great with the DL4, and other users say it does not always work.  Is
it a straightforward electronic component issue, or is the DL4 calibrated
specifically for the range of the Line6 expression pedal???  I really like
the big Boss volume pedals, and I would love to use one with my DL4.