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Re: DL4/volume pedal modifications

Heelback 0, toe down 10k. that's the secret formula. Now you can modify 
your pedal to work, or buy one of ours and keep your vintage Boss pedal 
intact (actually, my Boss RV-100 measures just that). Don't tell the boss 
I told ya.


>Have any DL4 users cracked open their Line 6 expression pedal yet to see
>what's inside??  I'm wondering if a regular volume pedal (Ernie Ball, 
>or even other types of expression pedals (EV5) could be modified to behave
>like a Line6 expression pedal when connected to the DL4.  I know that Boss
>claims the FV300L (the low impedance version) can act as an expression 
>when used with a special cable (stereo cable??), but I'm not sure if this
>would be especially effective since I have heard some EV5 users say the 
>works great with the DL4, and other users say it does not always work.  Is
>it a straightforward electronic component issue, or is the DL4 calibrated
>specifically for the range of the Line6 expression pedal???  I really like
>the big Boss volume pedals, and I would love to use one with my DL4.