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Digitech RDS footswitches, looping reverb

I'm in the process of buying a Digitech RDS rackmount delay, and I'm trying
to figure out what sort of footswitches I need.  At the moment, the
functions I'm interested in controlling are bypass, repeat hold, and VCO
control.  The online manual (thanks a TON, BTW, to whoever posted that)
indicates that bypass should use a latching footswitch, but for repeat hold
it only says "Use a switch that connects the tip conductor to ground when
activated."  Should this be a latching or momentary switch?  In a related
question, does anybody have any experience with the Proel "dual polarity"
footswitch?  I'm uncertain whether it switches between latching/unlatching
or normally open/normally closed.  Also, if anyone's had any particularly
good/bad experiences with voltage control pedals with these units, please
let me know.

And now for something completely different...

I've been obsessively watching the 2nd DT video, which I received this
weekend (more on that below), and I've gotten really interested in the
concept of infinite reverb.  We talk a lot about delay looping, but looping
reverbs would seem to open up a very interesting new texture.  Anyone care
to share their experiences with these techniques?  Are the Lexicon reverbs
the only units that allow looping reverb?

Finally, I highly recommend the Torn video series to any neophyte loopers
whose looping experiences (like my own) are limited to recordings and this
discussion list.  Watching DT manipulating his equipment and explaining the
theory behind his technique has really opened up doors for me, and is in
fact one of the big motivations to purchase the above-mentioned RDS.  After
seeing the flexibility of the PCM42, I really want to step beyond the
"phrase"-oriented looping capabilities of my Headrush, and get some more
atmospheric/textural things happening.  Kiss that profit-sharing check
goodbye.... =)

Scott Martin
Morrigan Records