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Re: Digitech RDS footswitches, looping reverb

On or around 11:28 PM 2/23/00 -0800, Scott A. Martin said:

>I'm in the process of buying a Digitech RDS rackmount delay, and I'm 
>to figure out what sort of footswitches I need.  At the moment, the
>functions I'm interested in controlling are bypass, repeat hold, and VCO

VCO control must be done by some type of VCO pedal; I believe the DOD FX17
Wah/Volume/Voltage works fine, although I haven't had one to play with in a
long time.  I generally am quite happy with the "reach over and tweak a
knob" setting, especially since I mostly only use my RDS 3.6s for looping
at "set" intervals, usually 1.8s and 3.6s.

> The online manual (thanks a TON, BTW, to whoever posted that)
>indicates that bypass should use a latching footswitch, but for repeat 
>it only says "Use a switch that connects the tip conductor to ground when
>activated."  Should this be a latching or momentary switch? 

It's supposed to be a latching switch, the same type you'd use on an old
tape echoplex for "echo on/off".  I've got a motley collection of
footswitches for mine, from the ones I used to use on a RE-301 to some
Peavy "on-off" switch for reverb on some amp or other.

the Reverend Rob   ICQ: 1280871
http://www.realm-of-shade.com/music : looping mp3s and more