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Re: R: Sushi ...what about italian food?

<< tell me something more about using samplers as loopers. >>

Live, house lights dim, stage lights up and...I create a loop in the 
(single layer, multi-layer, whatever).  When I like it, I sample it.  It's 
pretty crucial to hit it "right-on" time-wise.  Otherwise, I sample it 
the next time around.  All the while the loop is continuing to play to the 
audience.  With my single headphone I check the sample to make certain 
acceptable.  Then I kill the llayers in the Headrush returning back to the 
solo first loop, usually a rhythmic of some sort.  Add different layers to 
it.  And when I like that, I sample it too.  At some point I improvise a 
of "bridge as I kill or silence the loop in the Akai completely.  Then hit 
sample 1.  I can now make new loops and continue this process on ad 
et nauseum.  Bringing in the samples (of my live loops) as I need to.  
    The sequences are merely templates for the time when several samples 
been recorded.  I then let it (the sequencer) take over.  I lay down the 
guitar, walk out to a table and join the people sitting there and order a 
glass of beer (usually).  The sequencer (set at somewhere between 10 and 
bpm) also has track 16 recorded strictly for control of the mixer.  This 
means that when sample 1 is beginning a slow fade, sample 2 (et al.) are 
slowly coming in.  Since the sequence is a template there's a great 
randomness of patterns (loops).  Hope that makes some sense.  Easier to 
than describe.