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Re: R: Sushi ...what about italian food?

At 8:25 PM -0800 2/1/00, Hawkeye255@aol.com wrote:
><< tell me something more about using samplers as loopers. >>
>Live, house lights dim, stage lights up and...I create a loop in the 
>(single layer, multi-layer, whatever).  When I like it, I sample it.  It's
>pretty crucial to hit it "right-on" time-wise.  Otherwise, I sample it 
>the next time around.  All the while the loop is continuing to play to the
>audience.  With my single headphone I check the sample to make certain 
>acceptable.  Then I kill the llayers in the Headrush returning back to the
>solo first loop, usually a rhythmic of some sort.  Add different layers to
>it.  And when I like that, I sample it too.  At some point I improvise a 
>of "bridge as I kill or silence the loop in the Akai completely.  Then hit
>sample 1.  I can now make new loops and continue this process on ad 
>et nauseum.  Bringing in the samples (of my live loops) as I need to.

sounds like a complicated way to do what the echoplex does easily with
multiple loops and loop copy functions. :-)  But however you do it, the
basic idea is something I like very much. Taking a basic loop, then
creating many variations on it into different loops, all in real time, then
switching between them. It gives you a lot of opportunity to improvise and
loop in a more compositional way.

>    The sequences are merely templates for the time when several samples 
>been recorded.  I then let it (the sequencer) take over.  I lay down the
>guitar, walk out to a table and join the people sitting there and order a
>glass of beer (usually).  The sequencer (set at somewhere between 10 and 
>bpm) also has track 16 recorded strictly for control of the mixer.  This
>means that when sample 1 is beginning a slow fade, sample 2 (et al.) are
>slowly coming in.  Since the sequence is a template there's a great
>randomness of patterns (loops).  Hope that makes some sense.  Easier to 
>than describe.

great, I like that idea.  Maybe the next step is to create the sequences on
the fly as well!

One thing I've also had some fun with is making a simple max patch that
triggers a randomly different loop at a steady tempo. On the echoplex I do
this by filling all the loops up and triggering them with Midi notes from
my max patch. Usually you trigger loops by always having them start at the
beginning, but one of the echoplex's sampler modes has it trigger at the
point where you left it before. Generally I don't use that mode for loop
triggering, but in this case I do. I set it to this one (samplerstyle=run)
and generally use longer samples in each loop than the tempo at which max
is triggering them. This way, each trigger plays a little bit of the sample
in the loop, then leaves it for a different loop. When it comes back to the
first loop, it plays the next little bit of the sample instead of repeating
what it played before.

The result is a constant evolution, where the sequence continues to change.
Each time you come back to a given loop, it is in a different place than it
was before. And since they are triggering at random, maybe one loop gets
chosen several times in a period while another only gets triggered once, so
they move through the samples to relatively different places. Another
degree of change....

You set your sequencer to trigger really slow, while I like to set it ultra
fast! In fact it becomes a granular thing. I like to set the max patch for
this setup to trigger loops every 1 or 2 millisecond, so the little random
fragments of each loop that get played are all strung together into it's
own waveform, creating some really interesting new textures. Depending on
what is recorded in the loops, the result is completely different. lots o'

and speaking of sushi, pasta, escargot, etc., if you want your loops to be
phat, it's gotta be an American sampler. :-)


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