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Re: Looking to see Live Performers..

Hi Joe,

Listmember David Kirkdorffer puts together looping shows semi-regularly
(every six months or so) in the Boston area. He calls it the Boston
Loopers' Collective. I've only been fortunate enough to make it to one of
them, though, at the Middle East in Cambridge... They way he did it was to
have each looper play a short solo set, then some duos, then finally a big
ensemble thing. I don't know when he's planning his next one.

Regarding the wide distribution, this might be the right time to suggest
that others on the list try the same thing: rather than trying to get
booked on a 6 band Tuesday night to get onstage and fit subtle,
introspective nuances between a Nirvana-wannabe band and a Pantera clone,
it might make sense to try to team up for an evening of music with
something in common. It wouldn't have to be presented as looping per se.
We're spread out over a wide area, but there are "pockets" of us that could
organize something that might appeal to someone booking a venue. (There are
quite a few loopers in the Bay Area, for example.) 

It would be interesting if these shows could be recorded and made available
to the list...


At 10:27 AM 2/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Sorry about the wide distribution, but I thought this would be the best 
>to find an answer.....
>Are there any performing loopers out there in the Boston area? I am 
>to see some shows with looping content (preferably with acoustic