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RE: Looking to see Live Performers..

Hey, this sounds very cool.  I'm all for this.  I think teamwork is where
it's at.  I'm in the San Francisco Bay area; anybody wants to arrange or
participate in something like this, write me off-list.  Thanks.

  | -----Original Message-----
  | From: Tim Nelson [mailto:tcn62@ici.net]
  | Sent: Wednesday 02 February 2000 6:38 PM
  | To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
  | Subject: Re: Looking to see Live Performers..
  | Hi Joe,
  | Listmember David Kirkdorffer puts together looping shows semi-regularly
  | (every six months or so) in the Boston area. He calls it the Boston
  | Loopers' Collective. I've only been fortunate enough to make it
  | to one of
  | them, though, at the Middle East in Cambridge... They way he
  | did it was to
  | have each looper play a short solo set, then some duos, then
  | finally a big
  | ensemble thing. I don't know when he's planning his next one.
... something in common. It wouldn't have to be presented as looping per 
  | We're spread out over a wide area, but there are "pockets" of
  | us that could
  | organize something that might appeal to someone booking a
  | venue. (There are
  | quite a few loopers in the Bay Area, for example.)
  | It would be interesting if these shows could be recorded and
  | made available
  | to the list...
  | Tim