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RE: Looking to see Live Performers..


        yes, well, for me anyway, I prepared a four song demo on cd-r, a
letter saying I'd like to play live,what style, how long it takes me to
setup and that it should appeal to guitar fans of course). I also included 
8x10 photo and a press review of my CD. Then you have to check in with them
every week or so,till they get sick of you and book you to get rid of the
constant nagging haha. Well seriously though, out of 15 places, only 1
contacted me before I contacted them. No biggie just a phone call every 
to two weeks. Definitely get the booker's name and number.Also, be flexible
payment wise: I have been paid cash, gift certificates, food, not clothing
yet but I could see it happening. haha

        I just played a gig yesterday evening at a cafe in Bloomington,IN
and I played for 2 1/2 hours straight without a break, I played lots of
guitar solo's, loops,etc. I thought I played well, but the management said 
was too loud in the begining of course and that they had a constant stream
of complaints from people over 50 about the volume haha,.But it did go over
ok with the younger folks, but except for the booker, I don't think there
ware any loopers or rock guitar fans there haha. Overall a nice evening of
loop-a-mania even for a unguitarish crowd. 

        That's the one thing I have found with booking gigs, is that the
crowd may not be into your style and even though you play well, it may just
not be the right crowd. but if the booker is pleased and you give 100% it
usually pans out. Get out there and play, it's nice.


Denis Taaffe