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RE: Looking to see Live Performers..

Ah yes! Happy the gig was mostly successful! One of the things that is
really important while playing odd loopy music is making sure the place you
are playing attracts an open, accepting crowd who are used to the
unexpected. This goes back to the idea of picking your gigs wisely. A crowd
used to hearing 'Brown Eyed Girl' might not be the best place to play. 
it may be a great night, but it will be a very long one if people seem
annoyed that you are there, or worse, don't notice you at all. I have found
that an open-minded crowd (they are out there!) will dig anything thats 
really well. So go get them gigs!

Dave Eichenberger- guitars/loops/devices

> was too loud in the begining of course and that they had a constant 
> of complaints from people over 50 about the volume haha,.But it
> did go over
> ok with the younger folks, but except for the booker, I don't think there
> ware any loopers or rock guitar fans there haha. Overall a nice evening 
> loop-a-mania even for a unguitarish crowd.