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The Loopers' Collective BOSTON / Providence - Looking to see Live Performers..

Joseph & Other New England Area Loopers-

Glad to make your acquaintance.  Through the graces of Ross Hamlin and Open
Faucet, I've been pulling together looping shows in Boston for about two
years, mostly at the Middle East under the Loopers' Collective or Space
Lounge monikers.

The Loopers Collective IV is set for March 6 (8-11pm) downstairs at The
Middle East.  This one will feature The Echo Chamber Ensemble -- acoustic
instruments mixed and looped in real-time by uber-looper Dave Barnes. 

I'm looking to add three DJ's to the show, as a counter balance.  The goal
is to have three sets.

        E.C.E. & DJ's

In the past The Loopers Collective has featured Digeridoo, Violin, Guitar,
Electric Drums, Guitar Synth, Flute, Voice, Bass, Midi-Xylophone (sp?) and
Theremin.  I probably forgetting something/someone.

Live video mixing has always accompanied these shows by Dr. T.  IV will 
feature visuals from Karen Albano.

I'm planning a Looping Concession Stand at IV -- where New England loopers
(and possibly vendors of technology...) can sell stuff, too.  If you're
interested in selling your Looping oriented CD/Cassette, please contact me
in advance.  I'm not looking to make any money from this, but no-one will 
allowed to sell stuff unless they contact me first.  I need to keep some
control of this aspect of things.   One thing is for certain, these shows
are growing and the networking that goes on is half the fun.

The Loopers Collective V will be in Rhode Island at AS/220 on April 15.  
interested in meeting some Rhode Island based Loopers to feature in this
show.  Interested? Please contact me.

If there is enough interest, The Loopers' Collective can perform anywhere 
New England.

David Kirkdorffer