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Re: VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor

I agree, this box was very cool, and although it seems to be targeted at
producers and engineers (so they can put a voice to someone with a butt
like Jennifer Lopez and voila!) and remixers (what a surprise, another toy
for remixers)... this box could be an awesome creative tool.

kim, did you notice if there were any looping features built into the box?
I couldn't tell.  All of the demonstrators were all showing the exact same
features, and using the same samples.  Cue card anyone?

good to see the loopers.  sorry i didn't hang around long, i had to meet

I saw four Echoplexes in the Gibson rep/meeting room.  Not hooked up,
though.  I asked a Trace Elliot rep if he knew anything about release date
and street price.  He was very nice, but didn't tell me anything all of you
haven't already heard for the last two years.  I did notice that the serial
numbers on the back were hand written and had numbers like 01-0001,
01-0002, etc... so those must have been the prototypes we've been hearing


 At 09:18 PM 2/5/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>this looks like it might be an interesting box for all you midi types out
>>there.......made by roland......reviewed on
>It's on display at NAMM. pretty interesting little box. Just $3200!
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