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Re: VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor

At 8:09 AM -0800 2/7/00, Rich wrote:
>I agree, this box was very cool, and although it seems to be targeted at
>producers and engineers (so they can put a voice to someone with a butt
>like Jennifer Lopez and voila!) and remixers (what a surprise, another toy
>for remixers)... this box could be an awesome creative tool.
>kim, did you notice if there were any looping features built into the box?
>I couldn't tell.  All of the demonstrators were all showing the exact same
>features, and using the same samples.  Cue card anyone?

I didn't bother to ask. I guess because every time I've ever asked that
question of roland the answer was "no". :-)  My guess is, if what you want
is the capability to record a sample and have it immediately loop, probably
it doesn't. I'm sure it has a sampler type loop mode, where the sample
continues to loop as long as it is held. It does have some nice features, a
sort of realtime "recycle-in-a-box" along with nice time stretch and pitch
change capabilities. It was hard to tell how good those functions really
were in the demo setting, because the tended to use "favorable" samples
where you wouldn't be able to tell artifacts very easily.

One point about the VP-9000 is that Roland has made an attempt here to move
away from the traditional concept of a sampler. Traditional samplers have
really become sample-library-playback-machines. Hardly anybody uses them to
actually sample anything. As such they have developed to be very powerful
for playback of sample libraries and very weak for recording and creating
the samples in the first place. What one of the demo guys noted is that
Roland intentionally went the other way with this box - they wanted it to
be a powerful tool for working with samples you generate on the box.
(basically the same philosophy as people designing loopers have taken.) It
seems pretty nice for that purpose, with some interesting functions, but
whether it's worth $3200 is up to you.:-)

One of the demo guys showed how you could abuse the features to get some
strange sounds out of it, some of you would probably like it for that.
Personally, I thought their new hand drum controller was more interesting.
They also had the new VG-88 on display, it crashed while I was using it. 


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