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Re: Seeking synthesizer advice...NAMM

At 5:21 PM -0800 2/7/00, L Tremblay wrote:
>Most all-in-one swiss-army boxes really suck unless you
>get something at the very high-end. So your choice depends
>in part on your budget. And remember: NAMM just finished,
>which means there are now even more choices, and conversely,
>more opportunities to buy last years model at blow-out

don't count on too many more choices. Some of the themes for this year
seemed to be missing-in-action, mergers-and-acquisitions,
barely-saved-from-oblivion, and on-the-deathbed.

Everyone knows about opcode. But how about Lexicon? No booth at all.
According to ex-Lex people, they've laid off all product design engineers
and haven't been doing anything new in most of the last year. In short,
they've been "Harmanized." That's a sad story....

And Kawai? Cool additive synths? nope, they don't do pro products no more.

no sign of Quasimidi. Hopefull they just decided to stay in Germany this

Roctron, saved from oblivion by GHS. (the guitar string company.) who knows
what their future is. Hopefully they can get it going again cause I always
liked those guys.

ART, also saved from oblivion by Yorkville. (or is it Yorktown? whatever.)

E-mu and Ensoniq's step-brotherhood under the Creative parent is hanging in
there somehow. New E-mu sampler's and sound modules were there. Nothing
revolutionary, seemed aimed for lower cost markets. Actually, seems to be
all e-mu, not much ensoniq... and the booth is smaller every year but at
least there's new stuff in it.

Akai, lost in the guitar hall with their exciting updated MPC2000! not much
else there except the Jackson girls.

Digitech was showing exactly 3 products total. One was the original whammy
reissued. Then there was the RP-2000 multieffect pedal and the vocalist
thing they've had for a while. The Johnson division's amp simulator thing
was a plastic chassis in a sealed case. Continued yoy booth shrinkage
there.... More Harmanization?

Zoom was about the same as digitech. Crammed in the corner of some
distributor's booth, no new products.

Crown was apparently bought by Harman, who seems more insatiable than 

Mackie merged with EAW.

Ibanez and Tama are apparently both part of Hoshino now. I don't know how
long that's been true, but it's the first time I ever saw them stuffed
together in one booth.

any others? I'm sure I missed plenty of goodies.

But get this, Alesis has a real 16 voice analog synth!

Jomox and Electrix have moved their cool little analog synths and filter
effects out of the K-hall to the big time upstairs, that's good. Novation
made it up there too. Electix' stuff is sure fun.

The software and dj stuff keeps growing. As does Gemini's outrageousness.

And Don Buchla is back with his remarkable Marimba Lumina....


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