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Re: Seeking synthesizer advice

Most all-in-one swiss-army boxes really suck unless you
get something at the very high-end. So your choice depends
in part on your budget. And remember: NAMM just finished,
which means there are now even more choices, and conversely,
more opportunities to buy last years model at blow-out

Check out the usual suspects for reviews, like:
* Electronic Musician
* Sound on Sound
* Keyboard magazine
* Musician's Friend
* Rogue Music

You may also want to check the occasional deal on

- Larry T

>Hello there,
>I am considering buying a synthesizer but there is so many out there that 
>decided to first throw this question to this website for advice before
>buying. I am primarily a guitarrist and very ignorant of synths. What i
>is a good reliable tool to compose and perform live with good sequencing
>sampling capabilities, lo-fi vinyl effects,cool trip hop drum
>samples,beautiful symphonic strings etc. Is there one out there with all 
>this in one box? Is there a synth shut out magazine link review that will
>maybe answer my question?
>Thanks for your help!