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Re: Seeking synthesizer advice

On 2/7/00 LA wrote:

>Hello there,
>I am considering buying a synthesizer but there is so many out there that 
>decided to first throw this question to this website for advice before
>buying. I am primarily a guitarrist and very ignorant of synths. What i 
>is a good reliable tool to compose and perform live with good sequencing 
>sampling capabilities, lo-fi vinyl effects,cool trip hop drum
>samples,beautiful symphonic strings etc. Is there one out there with all 
>this in one box?

Probably not...but then I too am a guitarist who uses synths and have
learned about them as I've gone along.

Is there a synth shut out magazine link review that will
>maybe answer my question?
>Thanks for your help!

The problem with reading about synths is that you NEED to ehar what you are
buying. Do yourself a favor and start cruising the music stores and hang
listen. Many but not all keyboard synths also coem in rack mount versions.
But even if you do not have keyboard chops you can stil hear what's up. And
to gget all that you are saying you ned be prepared to spend some dollars.

Harmony Central and Music Machines ahve good web sites to check out. there
are also liste servs and newsgroups dealing with synths. I used to be
Analouge Heaven but he volume was too much to keep up with and genrally
info I did not need.

SO go listen and determine what you want. Then haunt the used gear
websites, newspaper ads, pawn shops. Be patient. Sooner or later everything
shows up for sale. I understand that someone is auctioning off Eno's DX-7
and some other synth at ebay this week.

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