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Re: VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor

Rich wrote:

> >From what i saw, it's essentially a sampler, with real time controls 
> pitch, timestretch, and other goodies.  Some examples they were showing 
> the show included:
> Taking a drum loop, you can adjust the quantizing in real time, altering
> the loop's "groove", as they call it.  (Imagine using this on textural,
> non-rythmic samples/loops?)

Oh yeah! :-)

> On a vocal phrase, your singer misses the last word of the phrase and 
> flat.  Well, with the VP-9000, you can just adjust the pitch of the last
> word up and all is well.
> The VP can assemble multiple samples in different tempos and pitches 
>into a
> coherent piece, in real time.
> Also, intelligent harmonies can be done.
> On board effects.
> Like I said, the demonstrators were just doing their thing by rote, so 
> setup involved with the VP to do what they were demo'ing might be more
> complicated than they indicated...but nonetheless, a very interesting 
>  If there is some looping function, where once you capture the sample, it
> would start playing, and then you could do the VP magic in real time.  

Wow. That would be awsome indeed.

Thanks for the info.

> rich
> At 07:20 PM 2/7/00 +0100, you wrote:
> >Rich wrote:
> >
> >> I agree, this box was very cool, and although it seems to be targeted 
> >> producers and engineers (so they can put a voice to someone with a 
> >> like Jennifer Lopez and voila!) and remixers (what a surprise, 
>another toy
> >> for remixers)... this box could be an awesome creative tool.
> >>
> >> kim, did you notice if there were any looping features built into the 
> >> I couldn't tell.  All of the demonstrators were all showing the exact 
> >> features, and using the same samples.  Cue card anyone?
> >
> >Can someone tell me what the VP-9000 is supposed to do? Now that
> >I see that word "looper" next to it I'm getting curious. ;-)
> >
> >Robert
> >
> >