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Re: VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor

>From what i saw, it's essentially a sampler, with real time controls over
pitch, timestretch, and other goodies.  Some examples they were showing at
the show included:

Taking a drum loop, you can adjust the quantizing in real time, altering
the loop's "groove", as they call it.  (Imagine using this on textural,
non-rythmic samples/loops?)

On a vocal phrase, your singer misses the last word of the phrase and goes
flat.  Well, with the VP-9000, you can just adjust the pitch of the last
word up and all is well.

The VP can assemble multiple samples in different tempos and pitches into a
coherent piece, in real time.

Also, intelligent harmonies can be done.

On board effects.

Like I said, the demonstrators were just doing their thing by rote, so the
setup involved with the VP to do what they were demo'ing might be more
complicated than they indicated...but nonetheless, a very interesting tool.
 If there is some looping function, where once you capture the sample, it
would start playing, and then you could do the VP magic in real time.  


At 07:20 PM 2/7/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Rich wrote:
>> I agree, this box was very cool, and although it seems to be targeted at
>> producers and engineers (so they can put a voice to someone with a butt
>> like Jennifer Lopez and voila!) and remixers (what a surprise, another 
>> for remixers)... this box could be an awesome creative tool.
>> kim, did you notice if there were any looping features built into the 
>> I couldn't tell.  All of the demonstrators were all showing the exact 
>> features, and using the same samples.  Cue card anyone?
>Can someone tell me what the VP-9000 is supposed to do? Now that
>I see that word "looper" next to it I'm getting curious. ;-)