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Re: Seeking synthesizer advice

>If you want a great synth and don't want to spend enough to buy a herd of 
>guitars, look at some older (slightly) "workstations", like Roland 
>or Korg 01W's and the "T-serise" (T1, T2, T3).  I've owned Trinity's and 
>lusted after the new Triton, but actually my venerable Korg T3 is all I 
>to create serious music and/or chaos, whichever.  And, as a bonus, it has 
>very tractable, realtime looping phrase feature that I use daily.  In 
>many times that's exactly where I start...then when things are getting 
>well stirred up there for background 'ambience', I grab a guitar or 
>or bass or my Prophecy or a mic and start looping and sampling over that.
>(Sigh) So many fun things to try, so little time.  ;-)
>good hunting,
>        hawkeye

Or, as was mentioned on the list recently, you might get a Radio Shack
"experimenter's lab"-type setup and figure out how to make your own
original synth.  Or go to Paia.com for kits....

David Myers