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Re: EDP return to production...

Is the Trace EDP going to have a new faceplate with new colors, knobs
etc? Or are they actually gonna make ***exactly*** the same Obie
product (cosmetics)? 

Will they ship with the new s/w? Kim??? 

Will the memory be maxed?

Finally: Is the David Kirkdorfer (sp?) buyer list going to be
honored? Or are these units all bound for retail outlets? If they're
shipping straight to retail outlets, will we be informed where exactly
they're going so we can jump on 'em first?

It's great to hear that we're getting closer!

Best regards,

Trace Elliot Ltd schrieb:
> I will post shipping dates as soon as we have finished the first
> batch. We will be sending approx. 150 to the US which,
> will not satisfy the demand; many will have to wait for the second
> instalment. We don't want to rush this splendid product so
> testing is being done before we ship.Andy Ewen,R&D Manager. Trace
> Elliot Contact Information
> *************************************
> Trace Elliot (UK) Ltd
> Blackwater Trading Estate
> The Causeway
> Maldon
> Essex
> United Kingdom
> CM9 4GG Tel: +44 (0)1621 851851
> Fax: +44 (0)1621 851932