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Re: RE:

Hey everyone... we've also just heard they're going for ~$660 at Alto.
This is about $100 more than we paid in the previous Alto deal. More
expensive? Yes... Available and in a similar ballpark? YES! They will
probalby cost more at other stores, but thems the breaks gang... This
bitching about $1100 is not doing much for me...


>>> "Jonathan El-Bizri" <jbiz@linkexchange.com> 02/09 9:50 AM >>>
So what? Just because one insane Kurzweil slaseperson was prepared to
$3,000 becuase he though he would never see one built again doesn't
that you are going to sell many at $1100. The product will die and
then they
will not be made again.

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  From: Trace Elliot Ltd [mailto:info@trace-elliot.com] 
  Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 2:24 AM
  To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com 

  It's a small price to pay for such an excellent product. One was
secondhand via NET auction for $3000.
  I can assure everyone that we are making the slimmest of margins on
EDP. Ah!, the joys of manufacturing.

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