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RE: Silly off-topic but COULD be on topic question

Chris Muir said:
> At 10:37 AM -0600 2/9/00, Todd Madson wrote:
> >Anyone know what the list price of the new Alesis analog synth is?
> >
> >It looks kind of like a Waldorf Q, but probably much cheaper.
> >
> >And not as yellow (darn).  But still very cool.
> Not particularly cheaper, either, at $3500.

The guy told me $3600, and it won't be out until fall. It's true analog
though, with a nice feature set and a great sound. It seems to me you'd 
to be a real analog fanatic to pick it over the numerous "digitally modeled
analog" synths out there, but I don't think you would be unhappy if you 

OB loop: Mike Matthews of Electro-Harmonix says a 16 Second Delay reissue 
nowhere near completion.....

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