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RE: shameless self-promotion, southern california style

okay, i plead idiocy . . . 

i copied the thing and didn't check the thing too carefully . . .

FEBRUARY not september. (i don't really expect people to be markign their
calanders that far into the future.)

geez, what a dork!

sorry . . . 


make all of that:

two gigs with improvised loopage and mayhem:

stinson/liebig/bendian trio

g.e. stinson: guitars, applied tools, loopage
steuart liebig: basses, stuff, loopage
gregg bendian: drums/percussion

one set
13 february 2000
8:00 p.m.
$?.?? (sorry)
1221 state st.
santa barbara, ca, usa
805.962.7776, 805.899.2176

g.e. Stinson - guitars, loopage
gregg bendian - drums,
steuart liebig - bass, loopage
jeff gauthier - violins, loopage

michael vlatkovitch - trombone,
chris garcia - drums,
bruce fowler - trombone

Inner Ear Series

3631 Hayden Avenue
(between National and Higuera Streets)
Culver City, CA, usa
Free Parking available in the Culver City Warner Drive Lot

20 february 2000
Concerts begin at 8:00 PM
$10.00 at the door
CALL (310)-301-1611 for additional info