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Re: RE: shameless self-promotion, southern california style

Hey STig!

I can't believe I'll ever get to see you guys play!   Do you realize that 
I've been open to the idea of seeing you play here locally for almost a 
and a half?!?!  I'm tempted to drive up to SB, but I've been doing way too 
much driving lately and I'd probably be late.  And on the 20th I'm gigging 
with the modern dance chicks.  Schedules...    I think I need to do one or 
two less things in life. It seems as if every two hours I'm supposed to be 
somewhere I'm not.  I did manage to catch Nels quite by accident down at 
Smell a coupla weeks back - acoustic trio!

I saw Dane the other night, at the academy nominating for sound FX oscars. 
did some great stuff in the Matrix. It's kind of a fun night where we 
10-minute clips of the most sound intensive stuff of the year. My boss is 
for The Green Mile, on which I did crazy electrocution recordings, etc.

How was London?  Find any good blowing/ripping music?

eric p