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RE: Looping on radio

 Tonight, the duo I am in will be playing at Borders as well. Plenty of
looping, and we always record the shows to MiniDisc so we can post clips of
the stuff we like. Alos, for those who play at Borders now and then- we
always ask play in the back of the store in the 'art book' section- there
are usually the biggest couches and chairs there, and it is far away from
the noise of the cafe. The clip I mentioned yesterday (copied below) was
recorded at Borders last month.

Dave Eichenberger- guitars/loops/devices

****(And, for those with a good modem and/or a lot of time to download (an
will be available soon):
http://members.theglobe.com/TheMincer/Nightstars.mp3 (MP3 file 6.7MB)*****

> Howdy,
>       I do a show tonight as well at borders for 2 hours. I played a gig
> last week for 2 1/2 hours. I played nonstop without a break and was
> exhausted at the end,my hand ached that night a little haha. SO 30 
> nonstop is decent. Tonight I plan to take a break after an hour.2 hours 
> kind of long I find.will you be looping guitar stuff?
> Thanks
> Denis