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passive pick ups

off topic subject
I have a steinberger guitar with the usual composite neck and EMG pickups
but would now like to change the pickups to a passive type. have any of the
list members changed the EMG's and if so what are they using and how do 
find the sound. i am looking for a warmer sound from my guitar but i dont
know if changing the pickups will make much difference as i think the neck
contributes a great deal to the sound of the guitar so any info would be a
help. if the pickups are not going to make much difference to the sound i
will have to get a wooden neck made or swap it with someone with a wooded
steinberger spirit series neck. any info would be appreciated and if you
could respond to me direct at renaldo@renaldo.freeserve.co.uk it would keep
the list clear as its an off topic subject
p.s.Eric the 500mA supply seems to be working alright. cheers