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Re: passive pick ups


In a message dated 02/13/00 7:51:26 AM, renaldo@renaldo.freeserve.co.uk 

>i am looking for a warmer sound from my guitar but i dont
>know if changing the pickups will make much difference.

Changing pickups can have either subtle or dramatic difference in the 
of your instrument depending upon the pickups themselves and the 
in particular. I don't know anything much about steinbergers but I do know 
thing or two about pickups. I used to work for Seymour Duncan and they 
hundreds of varieties of pickups to suit any guitar/player/style/need. 

All I can say is check out all of the manufacturers websites and submit 
inquiry as a tech question. Anybody should be ablr to at least offer some 
educated suggestiuons and answer any other questions you might 
EMG or Dimarzio. Honnestly, they all make pretty good products. I may have 
own bias but I won;t burden you with that.

Ted Killian