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Re: Input problems in EDP - Truncating volume swells.

Greg said:
>This week my EDP began "truncating" the initial part of my volume swells.
>That is, it acts a bit like a noise gate where it only records a signal
>above a certain input level.  For example: if I  record a smooth volume
>swell (beginning with complete silence), the play back will sound as if it
>didn't record the initial part of the swell.  This results in a rather
>abrupt appearance of the loop vs. the subtle effect I was after.  This is
>the first time its misbehaved in the past year that I've had it.
>I double checked the Threshold value, and it is set to 0.

Threshold parameter has nothing to do with it, that is for triggering
record when you actually start playing.

>Has anyone else experienced this?  Can this be fixed.

Sounds like you have the old software version. Check the Echoplex FAQ for
more info:



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