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EMUSIC Playlist

                            Playlist for EMUSIC

"EMUSIC," an electronic, ambient, and space music show, airs each Thursday
at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA and 93.9 FM in
Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ.

                        Show #151        February 10, 2000.

On this show, I continued the month-long focus on American synthesist
Garrison.  Tonight's Feature CD at Midnight was Eclipse on the Windspell

ARTIST                  TRACK                    ALBUM (label)
======================= ========================
11:04 pm
Dom F. Scab             Fear to Void             Innerseed (Free Records)
VA [DisguisedIllusions] Driftin' Thoughts        Colours (Spheric Music)
wEirD                   Manuel Gearchange        A Different Kind of Normal
(Neu Harmony)
Coyote Oldman           House Made of Dawn       House Made of Dawn (Hearts
of Space)
MaJaLe & James Johnson  Imaginarium              Live Under a Harvest Moon
(Zero Music)
Max Corbacho            Death Valley             Vestiges (Free Records)
VA [romb]               rods and cones           Mote (The Foundry)
VA [romb & eM]          in the drift             Mote (The Foundry)
Jean-Pierre Saccomani   Autumn                   The Four Seasons (M-C-P)

12:00 am
Michael Garrison        Departure                Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        Airborn                  Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        Celestial Nights         Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        Daydreams                Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        The Elliptical Sun       Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        Interstellar Romance     Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        Dimensions               Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        The Awakening            Eclipse (Windspell Music)
Michael Garrison        Cloud Burst 2001         Eclipse (Windspell Music)
StillPoint              Maps 2 & 3               Maps Without Edges (City 

1:00 am

 * = exerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next EMUSIC, I'll continue the month-long focus on the American
Michael Garrison.  The feature CD at Midnight will be Michael Garrison Live
Volume 2
on the Windspell label.