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Re: beginner guitar synth questions

At 6:00 PM -0800 2/13/00, Peter Shindler wrote:
>Hey gang, I've been bitten by the guitar-synth bug and am in the process 
>reviewing my finances to see if I can afford to get into it soon.  
>I'm not primarily interested in using it to emulate other instruments
>(although that will be nice), but I am very much into creating new sounds 
>my PC and storing them as patches on the synth unit so I can use them on 
>fly.  Does a basic device like the Roland GR-30 let you do this, or do I
>need to look into something a little more sophisticated?

I don't think you can load your own samples into the roland things. You
need a sampler which can then be triggered by the roland. In the past, the
rolands had significantly worse tracking for triggering external devices
than with their own internal sounds. I don't know if that is still true. In
any case, having a sampler around can't hurt. You can trigger precreated
loops on it. :-)

>Also, is it the box or the pickup that's responsible for the quality of 
>tracking?  Is the GK-2A the only pickup I'll need to look at?

those things matter, but ultimately midi is not designed for guitar synth
and that is the bottleneck. There is no hope, all midi guitars suck. :-)
Plug the guitar into a bunch of crazy effects and then into the inputs of
an analog synth, for all the filters and lfos and envelopes and such. It
will be way more expressive and you'll have far more real-time control to
tweak sounds. Skip the sample triggering thing if you are doing your own
custom sounds and not trying to sound like a bad timpani or saxophone
player, you'll be much happier!


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